Parent Led Therapy - kove

Bespoke Dyslexia Assessments 

We offer Dyslexia assessments that work around your child. Get in touch with one of our clinic directors to discuss the options.

Other Child Conditions

Low Self Esteem Therapy Kove


Do you think your child is increasingly preoccupied and distressed by their thoughts and fears?

Depression Therapy Children


Do you think you may be experiencing depression? Our therapist, Jordan Vyas-Lee, specialises in a range of therapy models proven to help manage the symptoms of depression. 


Online Consultations

Therapy sessions can be conducted either face-to-face or virtually, depending on your personal preference. You can opt to begin your sessions online but may choose to have an occasional in-person session or vice versa.

Regardless of your preference, our priority is to accommodate your needs and preferences.

The British Psychological Society