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EMDR therapy finally helped me process my trauma

According to Jordan Vyas-Lee, psychotherapist, EMDR therapist and co-founder of leading mental healthcare clinic, Kove, "the meaning of trauma in a psychotherapeutic context is rightly broad.

"Physically dangerous, life threatening, or acutely dehumanising experiences that cause deep destabilisation in the nervous system are more understood and accepted by society at large and are often the experiences that result in what we know as PTSD."

Vyas-Lee goes on to explain however, that "almost anybody can benefit from EMDR," because we all carry our past experiences with us in both our minds and our bodies – particularly within our nervous systems – but equally that the "most pressing need for EMDR is in those individuals who are experiencing high distress levels, or are no longer coping".

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EMDR therapy finally helped me process my trauma

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