Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

cognitive behavioural therapy

Kove offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for adults. 

This scientifically proven therapy for anxiety and depression gives people of all ages the practical skills to improve their well-being.  Read on to learn more about CBT, the symptoms it treats, and how we tailor our approach for children and adults.

What is CBT?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy that can help you manage mental health problems by changing the way you think and behave.

The way we think (our cognitions) impacts the way we feel. How we feel can impact our behaviour (the actions we take). Thinking and feeling negatively can lead us to act in a way that is unhelpful to our well-being and development. Over time, we may form patterns of negative thinking and self-destructive behaviours. CBT offers a way to talk about your problems in a specific way to help break this pattern. You will find ways to reframe unhelpful thoughts, improving the way you feel and behave.

CBT for adults

The NICE guidelines recommend CBT as the first-line treatment for the symptoms of depression and anxiety. CBT can also be a helpful way to manage panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Your therapist will give you structured solutions to help you find new ways to think about situations. This can help you feel less anxious and reduces low mood and other difficult emotions.

You will learn to become a better self-manager through learning evidence-based strategies. You will also up new skills, which are often practised in session. At the end of each appointment, we will create a plan to put changes in place at home. We’ll review and improve this plan at each session until the benefits are seen. You may see positive changes emerge within 3-6 sessions. In the long term, CBT will open up room in your life for the pursuit of your goals.

Symptoms it treats in adults

CBT can help adults manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD and OCD. Below we explore the symptoms of each in turn.

Depression symptoms

Low mood or sadness

Lack of motivation

Feeling hopeless, helpless, or guilty

Not enjoying things that used to bring pleasure

Crying for no reason

Thoughts of self-harm or suicide


Psychosis (such as schizophrenia)

Feeling irritable

Anxiety symptoms


Feeling like something bad might happen

Trouble concentrating


Feeling on edge

Panic disorder (panic attacks) symptoms


Feeling choked


Chest pain

Shortness of breath

Sense of dread

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms


Avoidance and numbing




Angry outbursts

Difficulty sleeping

Trouble concentrating

Hyperarousal (feeling on edge)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms

Obsessions (intrusive thoughts which repeatedly enter your mind)

Distress (emotional upset caused by these obsessions)

Compulsions (repetitive actions like checking, counting or hand washing)

Why choose Kove for CBT?

We’re an experienced private child psychologist and therapist team. There are several reasons to choose Kove over other practitioners offering CBT in London.

Are you an adult looking for CBT therapy? Below are some reasons why you might choose Kove

You want:

A collaborative, emotionally engaging and explorative treatment
A therapist who will give you practical skills for daily life 
Your therapist to take time to explore your experiences and culture
To open up space in your life to achieve your goals
To rediscover your value-set and orient your life towards it

Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy right for me?

In the video below, Jordan Vyas-Lee explains what CBT  is and how it can help people feel less depressed, less anxious and live more free and fulfilled lives.


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