Dyslexia Assessments

dyslexia assessment

Bespoke Dyslexia Assessments

We offer Dyslexia assessments that work around your child. Get in touch with one of our clinic directors to discuss the options.

What is Dyslexia?

Our specialist teacher understands the struggles and frustrations children with an underlying Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) such as Dyslexia. 

Dyslexia is not related to intellectual abilities and can so frequently can be missed, but by it’s very nature will affect efficient reading, writing and spelling acquisition. Underneath these academic symptoms, dyslexic people can struggle to process and remember information they see and hear; making the educational environment challenging and impacting on other areas such as organisational skills and concentration. However, we also see and are keen to highlight the strengths in the Dyslexic brain, that are sometimes overlooked. Strengths in areas such as problem solving, verbal communication and design are commonplace and with the right recommendations and intervention, can be used to help mitigate literacy challenges, enabling a child to reach their full potential. In our assessments, we take time to listen to, understand and examine a child’s challenges and highlight their strengths, allowing for truly tailored teaching and progress. Our pre-16 diagnostic assessments for dyslexia can be undertaken from age 7 onwards.

 The Assessment Process 

During our assessment process, we take great care in working closely with families to provide a robust and comprehensive picture into the strengths and areas of challenge for their child. We take time to listen and gather extensive background information from the child, the family and the school. This information is used alongside assessment data to ensure a robust and accurate diagnostic decision is made. The assessment itself examines general cognitive abilities; memory, types of processing, verbal and visual skills as well as literacy skills. The assessment report is written in a clear and accessible way that clearly demonstrates strengths and areas of challenge as well as appropriate, individualised recommendations.


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