Would you take a personality test for a job? You may have to.

Would you take a personality test for a job? You may have to.

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Speaking about the dangers of employers focusing solely on personality tests, Jordan Vyas-Lee, psychotherapist & co-founder of mental healthcare clinic, Kove, said: “These theories (and others) provide only a framework for understanding people, there is a danger that we lose some of the appreciation for the full complexity of people, and the richness of the myriad genetic, social, learned and psychological factors that make each of us fully distinguishable, unique people. A deeper look at any one person will show overlap in the types, and therefore these types can never fully explain any individual in full valid detail.

“In broad terms it can be helpful to break traits down for certain purposes. Giving more conscious appreciation of what somebody might excel in can guide decisions and life trajectories, employment and education choices, friendships, and so on. Having some objective appreciation of areas that we’re not as competent in can also be highly helpful towards self-acceptance and self-compassion.

“The types should not be viewed fatalistically. Type A people are not the only individuals who can run companies. Supporters can easily learn to be assertive and self-centred when needed. “Thinkers” can choose to unwind tendency towards detail if motivated to do so. And so on..”

Basically, you do you and the right job will find you.

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