Private Autism Assessment in 2024, Most Frequently Asked Questions

private autism assessment 2024

Welcome to Kove, we’re a trusted private psychology practice in London, specialising in autism assessments for children and adults, we aim to address common questions regarding a private autism assessment in 2024, including its diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment plans.

Child Autism Assessment FAQs

What is ASD?

ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder, a neurodevelopmental condition that affects brain development. It is diagnosed in childhood and adults, with symptoms varying in type and severity along the spectrum. ASD impacts social interaction, communication, and behaviour, with genetic factors playing a significant role.

What is the minimum age for a private autism assessment at Kove

We offer confidential assessments for children over the age of 5, if your child is under the age of 5, please seek advice from your GP.

What does an autism evaluation for a child involve?

Our child autism assessment involves utilising gold standard tools such as the Autism Diagnostic Schedule (ADOS-2) and the Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI). Information is gathered from various sources, including parents and schools, and assessed against internationally recognised criteria (DSM-5) to make an accurate diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of autism in children and adults?

Common symptoms include difficulties in social interaction, limited facial expressions, challenges in relationships, a preference for routine, repetitive movements, and language and communication difficulties. The severity and combination of symptoms vary, necessitating professional evaluation and support.

Who can diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Qualified clinicians, including our expert team at Kove, can diagnose ASD. Dr. Jenna Vyas-Lee, a specialist in autism, provides insight into the diagnostic process.

Severity of ASD: From Mild to Severe

What challenges might individuals with severe ASD face?

Individuals with severe ASD may struggle with social interaction, communication, exhibit repetitive behaviours, and experience sensory sensitivity. Specialised support is essential to help them navigate the world.

What challenges might individuals with mild ASD face?

Those with mild ASD may encounter difficulties with transitions, play inflexibility, distress over changes, sensory sensitivities, and challenges in detecting autism in girls. Seeking professional assessment is crucial for tailored support.

Autism Treatment & Support

When is a diagnosis and treatment plan necessary?

A diagnosis and treatment plan are recommended when autism symptoms significantly affect day-to-day functioning. Kove adopts a holistic approach, setting goals and expectations, involving professionals, and offering adapted cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to manage symptoms effectively.

What treatments are available for young children with ASD?

Adapted CBT is one of the models used at Kove to support parents, children, and teachers. Additionally, we help identify ASD-friendly environments, fostering inclusivity in communities.

Book a Private Autism Assessment with Kove

How do I book an autism assessment with Kove?

  1. Check Criteria: If your child is 5 or older, displaying signs of autism, you can book a private child autism assessment (£2000).
  2. Consultation Call: Book a free 15-minute consultation call to discuss your next steps.
  3. Personalised Treatment Plan: Upon completing the assessment, a tailored treatment plan will be provided.

Dr. Jenna Vyas-Lee, a childhood autism specialist at Kove, has assessed numerous children for neurodevelopmental disorders.

As a parent herself, she understands the importance of clear communication and quick, effective healthcare.

If you’re considering a private autism assessment in London.
Book a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your options. Call 0207 856 0464 or request an appointment online to get started. Our expert psychologists have treated thousands of patients, providing support, guidance, and effective treatment.

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