No, your problems aren’t too small for therapy

No, your problems aren’t too small to seek therapy

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Jordan Vyas-Lee, a psychotherapist and co-founder of the mental health care clinic Kove, believes that therapy can be a powerful tool for everyone, no matter where you are on your mental health journey. 

Myth 1: ‘Everyone struggles sometimes, and they cope.’
‘Thinking like this is a sign of mental health impostor syndrome,’ Jordan explains. 

‘You may believe that your problem isn’t as bad as someone you know, so you don’t need to seek help.’

But thinking like this is counterproductive. Life isn’t a competition, and we all cope with situations differently, so try to avoid comparing yourself to others.

It is also possible that the people around you are dealing with their problems in private, in a way that they haven’t shared with you.

‘Some people use unhealthy coping strategies, such as excessive drinking or drug use, to avoid confronting their issues,’ Jordan adds. ‘This can make it seem like they are doing fine to the outside world.’

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