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Child Therapy

Kove offers child therapy to help children and their families to overcome emotional challenges.

Read on to learn more about child therapy, the symptoms it treats, and the benefits of our unique approach.

What is child therapy?

Child therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps to relieve a child’s emotional distress. It can also help to resolve challenging behaviours that this distress may be causing. Child therapy should be delivered by a therapist with specialist training in treating the difficulties your child is experiencing. Child therapy at Kove is offered by leading London private child psychologists. The type of therapy that suits your child will depend on the developmental age and stage they are at. And the specific problems they are facing. A good child therapist will spend time with your child to build a trusting relationship. They will also build a strong relationship with you as a parent. Child therapy that’s completed without the parent’s involvement tends to be less effective. That’s because you may be left feeling unsure about how to help at home. In contrast, a skilled child therapist will create space for you to express your concerns as a parent. They will offer you parenting sessions to help you discover how best to support your child at home. Your wider family may be impacted by the difficulties your child is having. A good child therapist considers family dynamics in their approach. And finds ways to resolve issues for your family as a whole. 

Symptoms it treats

Child therapy can treat a range of symptoms of emotional distress. These include:


Low Mood

Sleep Problems


Social Anxiety

Low self-esteem

Children process emotions differently than adults. Often, they express their difficulties through challenging behaviour. Child therapy can help to address several behavioural difficulties including:

School refusal 

Avoidance of activities, people or places 

Difficulties with eating 

Problems with morning or evening routines

Types of child therapy

There are several different types of child therapy which can suit children at different ages or developmental stages. Different types of therapy may also be suited to different types of problems.

Play-based therapy

Using play can help give a child therapist insight into your child’s problems. Therapist-directed play can help your child explore emotions and learn ways to redirect challenging behaviour. According to Play Therapy International, up to 71 per cent of children who are given play therapy may experience positive change. Play therapy tends to suit children aged 3 to 12. 

Family therapy

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy (talk therapy) that can help families improve communication and overcome distress. It can be used in any situation where one or more members of the family are having emotional issues. Or behaving in a way that is affecting others. A therapist will work with the whole family to address specific issues and strengthen relationships. Family therapy is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Art therapy

Art therapy is a type of therapy that uses creative expression to help children explore emotional issues. Artistic expression can help a child understand what they are feeling. And find better ways to cope. The therapist will guide them through this process. Children as young as 2 could benefit from art therapy.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy that helps a child to better understand their emotions. This can help to break the pattern of challenging behaviour. CBT is suitable for children as young as 3.

Parent-child therapy

Parent-child therapy, also known as parent-child interaction therapy, is a type of therapy that can improve the relationship you have as a parent with your child. Interaction is used as a way to address communication issues and build trust. This can improve the dynamic between parent and child. And help you overcome issues and difficult behaviour together. According to Good Therapy, parent-child therapy has the greatest impact on children aged 2 to 7.

Why choose Kove for child therapy?

Our therapists highly experienced child psychologist, offering private child therapy.

Here’s what makes our practice different: We use the most up-to-date research to assess and treat your child.
We are trained in a range of different approaches. This means we can be flexible and adapt the therapy to your child’s individual needs. We offer parent sessions as a standard to help you support your child and consider the impact on the rest of the family. We have strong links with other professionals such as psychiatrists and educational psychologists. So, if you need further help, we can connect you with the right specialist.


Book therapy with a child psychologist

Get in touch with us today to discuss private therapy for your child. We’d love to help your child and family feel better and stay well.

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Online Consultations

Therapy sessions can be conducted either face-to-face or virtually, depending on your personal preference. You can opt to begin your sessions online but may choose to have an occasional in-person session or vice versa.

Regardless of your preference, our priority is to accommodate your needs and preferences.

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