Susanna – mother of Thomas (5y.o.)

Jenna has been an incredible support to our family.  Her ability to see our child as an individual, and work with him in the challenges he faces in all areas of his life is really unique in the professionals we’ve come across. The support she’s provided to us as a parenting unit has been invaluable.

Andy – professional (41y.o.)

I had an excellent experience of working with Jordan. He was punctual, attentive, informed and encouraging. Over ten sessions we worked through EMDR approaches along with some CBT – the outcome of which was I left feeling far more comfortable with myself and those events in the past which may have contributed to my feelings of malcontent. I would certainly recommend Jordan to anyone looking to address previous traumas or negative incidents.

Nina – student (17y.o.)

I had sessions with both Jenna and Jordan. So far, I am extremely happy with my progress with them. Prior to this treatment I had a different psychologist but this didn’t feel as helpful. Jordan and Jenna helped me identify the root of my problem and consequently, I have been making good progress.

Eve – professional (26 y.o.)

I undertook 6 months of therapy with Jordan and it was 6 months well spent. Jordan was professional, eloquent, and non-judgmental. I sought out therapy primarily to help tackle my anxiety and to find someone who can help me understand my thought processes in a more coherent way. I suffered daily from anxiety and my negative thought processes were holding me back. I feel so much more positive about life and the future now.

Jonanthan – professional (35y.o.)

Working with Jordan and Kove over a 6-month period had a dramatic and positive impact on my close relationships. As a husband and a new father, I was struggling with relationship breakdowns following paternal postnatal depression. This depression led to infidelity and suicidal thoughts as a way of escaping the reality of everyday family life. 

Through the help of Jordan and EMDR I was able to start a very healthy and loving relationship with my son. EMDR helped to unlock the relationship trauma I had suffered with my son over an 18 month period and neutralised difficult experiences we uncovered since his birth. 

Although EMDR is difficult to experience and understand at first, the combination of that and Jordans counselling helped me move into a much more positive space. My wife and I have a far more loving and understanding relationship. The connection and relationship I expected to have with my son from birth has now been built and gets stronger each day. Without Jordan I am unsure where I would currently be in my life, and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you.

Darius – professional (31y.o.)

I am so very grateful to Jordan, I do not know how I would have navigated this past year but for his kindness and professionalism. I believe that the work and lessons taken with Jordan will help me for years to come.


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