Therapist-Approved Tips For Being A Happier Person

Therapist-Approved Tips For Being A Happier Person

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Show warmth to others
“Showing gratitude and kindness towards people you’d typically ignore breaks the daily grind and can go a long way to reframing your emotions – it could be the bus driver, the receptionist or an unknown work colleague. Saying hello to them or asking them a question immediately orients you to a more outward-looking and positive headspace.” 

Find Your Why
“As humans, we struggle without meaningful purpose. Being positive and motivated is significantly harder without an overarching, value-based direction driving us. Some people desire a better life than they grew up with; some people value helping others; and others hope to place themselves in a position to provide for their family. Cueing into these meaningful driving forces can give you a fresh perspective on more difficult days.” 

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