ASD Assessment

ASD Assessment

ASD Assessment

ASD Assessment in London, navigating the path to understanding and support

If you are observing signs in your child that suggest they may have autism, seeking a comprehensive assessment is a crucial step towards understanding and managing their unique needs. Our team of specialists, led by the experienced clinical Psychologist Dr. Jenna Vyas-Lee, is dedicated to providing private child autism assessments in London.

Understanding ASD Assessment

Recognising Symptoms in Children

Identifying symptoms early is key to initiating appropriate interventions. Children with Autism may exhibit difficulties in social interaction, communication, and display repetitive behaviours.

Recognisable signs include challenges in maintaining friendships, limited facial expressions, and sensitivity to sensory stimuli. Speech delays and difficulties in understanding nonverbal cues are also common indicators.

Severity of Symptoms

The severity of symptoms varies along the spectrum. Children with severe ASD may struggle significantly with social interactions, communication, and may display repetitive behaviours.

On the milder end, challenges may include difficulty with transitions, inflexibility in play, and specific interests bordering on obsession. It’s essential to consider the individuality of each child, as symptoms manifest uniquely.

Child Autism Assessment at Kove

At Kove, we employ gold-standard tools for Autism diagnosis. The assessment includes the Autism Diagnostic Schedule (ADOS-2) with the child and the Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI) with parents.

Information from schools or nurseries is also gathered and assessed against internationally recognized criteria (DSM-5). A multi-disciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the child’s needs.

Tailored Treatment Plans

A diagnosis and treatment plan are initiated when symptoms significantly impact daily functioning. At Kove, our holistic approach to ASD treatment involves setting goals, engaging professionals, and employing adapted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We focus on managing emotional difficulties and behaviours while identifying ASD-friendly environments for neurodiverse individuals.

Your Path to ASD Assessment

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Consultation Call

Personalised Treatment Plan

Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee Your Childhood Autism Specialist

Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee, a dedicated specialist in neurodevelopmental disorders, brings expertise and understanding to the assessment process.

As a parent herself, she values clear communication and quick, effective healthcare.

As a parent of two young boys she understands the importance of clear communication and access to quick and effective health care.

ASD assessment


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If your child is 5 years or older and you are considering a private diagnosis for Autism.

Book a consultation today. At Kove, we are committed to understanding, supporting, and empowering your child through their unique journey with Autism.

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