How do you feel after EMDR?

October 3, 2022
1 min read
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You’re likely to feel extremely tired after an EMDR session, as the bilateral stimulation, typically side-to-side eye movements, is exhausting.

Jordan Vyas-Lee discusses in more detail how you may feel after an EMDR session in this video.

Many emotions that were stored but unreachable become available, and recalling traumatic, distressing memories can leave you feeling tense long after the session ends.

You may also experience strange dreams or new thoughts. This is normal as the mind is processing material it hasn’t accessed for a long time. 

Watch our video to understand how quickly EMDR therapy works.

Over a series of sessions, you can expect to feel less tense and experience fewer negative thoughts.

Flashbacks and nightmares reduce and eventually disappear, leaving you feeling happier in yourself and more at ease.

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